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 Dear colleagues,

Nearly 50 years after the publication of the first Thermoluminescence ages, the field of Luminescence Dating has reached a level of maturity, in both research and applications in archaeology and geology.


L.A.I.S. is a new international initiative that mainly focuses on the use of luminescence dating for materials and questions of archaeological significance; in addition supports archaeological and archaeometrical communities of the World to further develop and expose luminescence issues.


LA.I.S. Symposia aim at bringing together experts in the fields of luminescence, archaeology and archaeological materials from all around the world. In an exchange of knowledge, the techniques and tools available in luminescence dating and luminescence applications will be introduced to the archaeologists and archaeological problems will be presented for the scientific community.


L.A.I.S. Symposia initiates a series of conferences planned to take place every two to three years; however, the next two symposia are planned for the consecutive years 2011 and 2013 while an initial planning on the next hosting countries has been made.


The 1st L.A.I.S. Symposium will take place in Greece and symbolically be hosted at the European Cultural Centre of Delphi (www.eccd.gr), Greece in September 9-12, 2009.


The papers and posters presented at these conferences will be published in a special edition of a peer-reviewed international journal related with luminescence.


Ioannis Liritzis Ph.D (Edin.)

Professor of Archaeometry
University of the Aegean

President of the International Standing Committee

1st L.A.I.S. Symposium
 9 (Wednesday) – 12 (Saturday) September 2009
 Delphi, Greece
Click here to download (Symposium Poster)


Local Organizing Committee

G. Kitis, Nuclear Physics Laboratory, A.U.TH., Thessaloniki, gkitis@auth.gr

I. Liritzis, Univ. of the Aegean, Rhodes, liritzis@rhodes.aegean.gr

C.T. Michael, N.C.S.R. Demokritos, Athens, ctmichael@ims.demokritos.gr

N. Zacharias, NC.S.R. Demokritos/ Uni of Peloponnese, zacharias@ims.demokritos.gr

G. Poymeris, Archaeometry Laboratory, CETI, Xanthi, polymers@auth.gr

N. Tsirliganis, Archaeometry Laboratory, CETI, Xanthi, tnestor@ceti.gr

A. Vafiadou, Univ. of the Aegean, Rhodes, vafiadou@rhodes.aegean.gr

T. Ganetsos, Dept of Electronics, TEI Lamia, ganetsos@teilam.gr

Secretariat & Technical assistance: N. Laskaris, M. Papageorgiou

 Looking forward to seeing you in Delphi!

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